The name Lil' Rock came from the birthplace of our Producer and co-owner, Fdot1 (AKA Flo). Flo was born in Barbados which is known as The Little Rock. Flo has lived all over the world but Barbados is the place he started his career in music so it was only fitting the studio should be named so.

Lil' Rock Studios is situated 15 minutes from the heart of SE London in a very peaceful neighbourhood. To protect nature and our neighbours from the filthy bass lines the studio is fully sound proofed while being acoustically tuned to give the perfect musical experience. The atmosphere is relaxed and between sessions you can sit out in our garden and enjoy the sound of birds singing, no sirens, just peace..!

Lil' Rock offers a top quality service to all artists whether you are at the beginning of your career or an established artist. Our aim is to support artists in every way, from career advice to distributing and promoting your music. We can offer unsigned artists a complete "starter" package, where we record, produce, mix and master a demo and also guide you through the minefield of distribution, registering with the necessary organisations to ensure you get paid when your music sells and when you perform as well as making your music eligible for the UK music charts.

We are not just here to press record when you step in the booth....

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